How can tracking time improve productivity?


Kafka once said: “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before”. In order to become more productive, you must change your current way of doing. We try to improve and optimize our work every day, but most of the time it is just hard to measure. Don’t worry, you don’t have to track every minute of your day and honestly, you shouldn’t. However, tracking your working hours and the time you spend on projects can really help you improve your overall performance.

This is how tracking time can increase your productivity:

Set Goals

Before starting any project, you need a detailed plan. This plan will be your team’s guideline for the upcoming project. If you don’t have a plan at the beginning, you won’t be able to measure your performance, because there will be no data to compare your results to.

The first step is to start with setting a budget and a time period. This way, your team knows how big the project is and how much time they have until the deadline.

Record your time

When we work on a project or a specific task, we generally have an idea how much time it should take us. When we don’t measure time, it doesn’t really matter, if it took longer than expected. Now, when we enter the number of hours spent in a system, we put into perspective how efficient our work was. And this is where our improvement starts. By putting our performance into perspective.

Keep up with progress

In order to work efficiently in a team, everything should be transparent. This is when a time tracking software comes in handy. When everybody tracks their working hours, the team leader can keep a general overview of the progress.

Measure to improve your performance

We often think that we are efficient, but when we look at our time sheets, the projects are taking longer than expected. We don’t always know what the cause of the problem is, because there might be many people from different departments involved.

This is what you can do to have a better overview of the project and simultaneously improve the overall performance: The whole team should keep track of the amount of time it spends on single activities. This way, you will be able to identify problem areas, in order to optimize your work. What you need is the right  time tracking software that will enhance your team productivity significantly. 

Increase your team

Sometimes performance stagnates, because the team is overwhelmed with work. This is not nobody’s fault. Underestimating workload happens quite often. You might want to consider including more employees in a project, if you see that certain tasks can’t be done on time.

Know your clients

A time tracking system can also help you improve your productivity, by letting you know who your most profitable clients are. Keeping track of all projects, clients and working hours make you realize how much extra work you are doing for certain customers. Make sure you consider that extra work in your hourly rate.  

Take Breaks

When a deadline is approaching and we are still facing a lot of work, we tend to neglect breaks, because we believe that “we don’t have time for this”. That is wrong. Taking a break will help you be more efficient afterwards. It is not a waste of time.  

Time tracking helps you overlook how much time you have been working non-stop. Don’t forget to take a break occasionally, to clear your head. Ideally, you should also start tracking your breaks, to make sure you are really taking them.  

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