Employees can use NFC/RFID tags, a pin code or password, to clock in and out directly on a tablet. We would like to show you how you can completely automate your attendance tracking.

1. What is the Terminal App?

The TimeTrack Terminal App can be installed on any Android tablet. You can then fix the tablet on the wall and the employees can clock in and out using NFC/RFID tags (keycard, key chain, NFC sticker), their password or pin code.

2. What are the benefits?

With the TimeTrack Terminal App on a tablet you will have the following advantages over conventional time tracking terminals:

  • No expensive hardware (use any Android tablet)
  • No long delivery times for the hardware, since you can use consumer tablets
  • No long training with manuals necessary (just install the software, log in and start tracking)
  • Central administration of terminals and accesses
  • Automatic updates for the Terminal App, no rigid software that becomes obsolete over time
  • No complicated, manual transmission of data necessary – all stamps are immediately visible

3. How can I set up the Terminal App on the tablet?

For the stamping via the Terminal App to work, you have to create the terminals and identifications in the Web App then install the Terminal App on a tablet.

3.1. Create terminals and accesses in the Web app

Log in to the Web App as the Admin. Create the terminal under Data Management / Terminals / Terminal Devices. Here you will be able to enter the name as well as the device name (e.g. Nexus Tablet, Sasmsung Galaxy Tab, Zebra CC6000 etc.)

Configuration password: Use this password to access the Terminal App settings.

API Key: You need the API key to log on to the tablet in the Terminal App. Click on the key icon to generate a key.


The API key will help you log on to the tablet in the Terminal App.

Next, create the identifications for stamping at the terminal. To do this, select the function Identification (Data Administration/ Terminals / Identification). Then click on the plus icon to create a new account.

Now you can choose an employee and define his or her identification type. The selected identification type determines how an employee stamps at the terminal. You can choose between NFC tag, a password and pin code. The fastest way to stamp is of course the NFC tag. The employee only has to hold his key chain or mobile phone with the NFC sticker on the tablet and is immediately clocked in.

If you have selected the identification type NFC tag, enter the content of the NFC tag here (look at the next screenshot). You can read the contents of an NFC tag with an NFC app. Search for NFC tools in the App Store or Play Store. The NFC app will be able to read the NFC tag so that you can enter its content under “Password / Code”. You can also generate a code by clicking on the key icon and save this code on your NFC tag (for this you will also need the help of the NFC app)


You can create several identification types for one employee, so the employee can stamp with the NFC tag or with a pin code.

If you have created several identifications, you can set one of them as the default identification. This is important if you have created a pin code and password for a staff member, so that TimeTrack knows which information (password or pin code) to display in the Terminal App.


3.2. Install Terminal App on a tablet

First you will need a tablet. Then you have to download the TimeTrack Terminal App. Lastly, you need to connect the tablet to TimeTrack.

Enter both the API key you generated earlier and the address of your account. We show it to you in the image that follows: Instead of YOUR ADDRESS, enter your correct address.


After logging in, you will see a dashboard (see next screenshot).

This is where you can see who is stamped and who is not. You can also deactivate the display of employees in the settings, but we will come to that later.

Here a quick reminder: you can always use an NFC tag for stamping. You can also stamp with a pin code or password. All this can be set in the web app.


When you select an employee, a pin or password is required, depending on the identification type set for stamping.


3.3. Settings

In order to access the settings of the Terminal App, simply click on the settings icon. You will then be asked for the password that you entered in the web app when you created the terminal (password for configuration).

Under Settings you can change the following:

  • Stamping with password: choose whether stamping with a password is allowed or not
  • Stamping with a pin code: choose whether stamping with a pin code is allowed or not
  • Stamping with a NFC tag: choose whether stamping with a NFC tag is allowed or not
  • Allow serial number of NFC tag for identification: for encrypted NFC tags, TimeTrack cannot read the content, but it can read the serial number. For example, if you have an NFC keychain for office keys, you can read its serial number (via an NFC Tools app) and enter it as an access for employees. TimeTrack will read the serial number of the NFC tag and then allow stamping with the serial number of the tag. When you create the account, make sure to enter the serial number without “:”, e.g. enter the serial number A8:D7:44:F1:A4:45 as A8D744F1A445.
  • Show users in dashboard: choose whether the employees should be shown in the dashboard or not
  • Screen may be turned off automatically: choose whether the screen may be turned off (depending on the settings on the Android tablet)
  • Languages: German and English


With the TimeTrack Terminal App, you can easily manage your terminals and identifications. You have several stamping options: scan your NFC tag or enter a pin code or password. You can use any Android tablet.

Once you have created the working hours model and the break regulation for each employee, your team will be ready to fully use the Terminal app. This way, you will be able to automatize your attendance tracking, enhance its accuracy and start focussing on the things that really matter.

Thanks to TimeTrack you will have the best of both worlds: great project management and accurate attendance tracking.

4. Which tablet can I use?

Apple doesn’t offer NFC tags for iOS tablets, but you can use any Android tablet. We would recommend 10′ tablets. If you choose to use a consumer tablet, make sure to purchase a mounting set for the wall (some tablets require specific ones).

In case you want to use industry / enterprise tablets, we would recommend the Zebra CC6000 with a wall mounting set. These tablets are optimized for longer operations and have better hardware parts than the consumer tablets. We offer pre-configured tablets and NFC Chips Set (NFC Chips, NFC Stickers).

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