Why Timesheets Aren’t as Bad as Everyone says

Why Timesheets Aren't as Bad as Everyone says

Rumor has it timesheets aren’t helpful, because employees can easily lie about their hours and enter inaccurate clock in and clock out times. Timesheets are also considered a waste of time, because bookkeepers still have to contact everyone to check if all timesheets were collected and if the hours add up correctly.

We are here to tell you that timesheets aren’t a waste of time nor money. In fact, every company wants the same thing: to know what’s going on. Every founder wants to be ensured that employees are working effectively and bring benefits to the business each day.

Once the company starts growing, it will get difficult to keep up with what everyone is doing and where employees are spending their time. If you can’t keep track of what is happening in your own firm, you will have problems with inefficiency and maybe even worse. To avoid this, consider implementing timesheets. This way, your employees can log in their working hours each day when they’re at the workplace.

Why timesheets are beneficial

At first, timesheets might seem time-consuming, because employees have to track their working hours each day. But you will see that in the long run you and your team will benefit from them. Knowing where employees spend their time helps managers take better decisions and allocate resources right.

Most of the time, managers and team leaders know too little about what’s going on in their teams, because there is no system to monitor activities and nobody updates them. Consequently, the team is tense, because deadlines are approaching and everyone knows that they won’t make it on time – everyone knows except the top management. So, the whole company has to deal with the consequences. If this happens too often, the firm loses legitimacy and clients. Therefore, ignoring problems is something you might want to avoid in the long run.

Your teams should consider acknowledging mistakes and communicate them before it’s too late. If employees have timesheets where they keep up with their progress and activities, it will be easier for them to keep their work transparent and let you know when something goes wrong.

Keeping track of your team’s efficiency, will help you allocate resources. You will know your team and its capabilities better. Projects are definitely a group work and the top management/ team leaders should be included.

Keep track of project costs

Make sure you track your expenses, just as much as your working hours. When you’re working for a client, you should monitor how much time and money you’re spending on a specific project. This way, your team will always know whether or not the project is profitable. At the end of the day, you don’t want to put all of your resources into a project, where you will end up losing money, right?

Relieve your HR department

We all know how hard the HR department has to work sometimes. Especially at the end of the month. Hours don’t add up, timesheets are missing or someone hasn’t filled out his paid leave properly. Consequently, the HR department spends days calling employees trying to fix the problems. Not ideal, right? Not only is it annoying for all parties involved, but it also costs your company time and money.

Consider timesheets to facilitate the communication between the HR department and your employees. It takes one minute to enter what you did during the day and it probably will spare your colleagues from HR many hours at the end of the month.

Digital Timesheets

Many companies don’t like timesheets because it’s too much paper work. Here’s a solution: there are many time tracking softwares out there that can help you keep track of your projects and working hours without having to pay much. And the best part is that it’s very easy to use.

Employees can sometimes be overwhelmed by change, especially when it comes to systems monitoring their activities. Make sure to communicate the benefits and how you want to incorporate such a system in the culture of your company. In the end, everyone likes to see how they’re performing on a daily basis. People only get better if they reflect on their work.

Are you ready to implement timesheets?

It might seem okay without timesheets, but trust me, if you want to excel at what you do, you have to know how well your team is performing.

Are you ready to find out what your team is capable of? Check out our easy-to-use project time tracking software, that will help you keep up with your projects as well as your working hours.

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