5 Ways of Tracking Project Time with TimeTrack

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In today’s fast-paced working world, the focus is on process optimisation and productivity. This also benefits all those who are looking for a healthy work-life balance and therefore want to achieve the best possible output with little time input. This is exactly why project-based work has become so popular in recent years. Of course, this is not a new invention, as some industries, due to the focus on service, have already been orienting their work towards the respective customers for years and thus a customer represents a project.

In order to be fair to all parties involved in the process, transparency has also become a key corporate value, which subsequently also simplifies the billing process. Thanks to digitization, a number of software systems are now available that support companies in precisely this regard. These systems are designed to be flexible and thus provide various options for project time tracking. They also help workers by providing an overview of the project process at all times and by providing reports and analysis. However, TimeTrack’s software was able to prove itself against the competition as the test winner in the PC Magazine comparison, based on which we would like to introduce you to the different methods of project time tracking, so that you can make the right choice for your company and individual projects.

In order for the system to have informative information at hand, the project time with the activity is in general always booked on the respective customer and project. The time spent is thus automatically noted and included in the weekly view, reports and analysis. Projects that have already been started are suggested to you by the system, so that you can simply continue where you left off.

Project Time Tracking via Manual Time Entries

The most conventional method is probably the project time tracking by means of manual time entry via a browser. This is done using the web app on a PC or Mac. To create a manual time entry, go to Project time tracking > New time entry in the side menu. For this, the customer, project, task, start and end time, as well as breaks, if applicable, are noted. Additionally, tags and notes can be attached to the entry. This procedure is optimal if project times are to be noted retrospectively.


TimeTrack – Manual Time Entries 

Project Time Recording via Browser-Project Clock

The most accurate method for a classic office situation is probably project time tracking using a project time clock via a browser. With two clicks on the time clock you can easily document your project and task. The time entry is automatically saved and added to the existing data.

This is especially suitable for classic office jobs, as well as all jobs that are performed with the help of a laptop, PC or Mac.

Project Time Tracking Project Timer

TimeTrack – Project Time Clock via Browser

Project Time Recording via App-Project Clock

Industries and projects are flexible and so should be the methods for project time tracking. It’s true that in the classic office job, it’s more the norm for employees to sit behind a screen in a central office. However, field services and flexible working are important parts of today’s corporate cultures and this trend is here to stay. TimeTrack also offers a smart project clock via its mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. This allows project efforts to be noted with just two clicks. This is not only fast and straightforward, but also supports employees in tracking their project times on the go due to the high degree of flexibility. To further increase flexibility, TimeTrack also offers offline project time tracking. The data is automatically synchronized afterwards. Just take out your smartphone, start the timer and get to work – it couldn’t be easier!

This method is ideal for all those working in the field, which is typical for the crafts, construction, cleaning, security and service industries in general.


TimeTrack – Project Time Clock via App

Project Time Tracking via Chrome Extension & Add-Ons

To make the tracking of project times even more convenient, it can now be done via browser extensions and add-ons. To do so, download the browser extension and log in to the TimeTrack account. After that, you can start your project time clock directly from the browser. For this, you can press one of the suggested project time clocks or define a new project, with activity and customer affiliation, by clicking in the white bar.

This is ideal for all office employees who mainly work on a laptop, PC or Mac.

TimeTrack Browser Extension

TimeTrack – Extension

Project Time Tracking via QR Code

In order to simplify the project time tracking for your employees even more, a QR code scanner can now also be used for documentation. To do this, a code must simply be created externally with the help of a QR code generator, to which a project with customer and activity is assigned. When the code is scanned, the project clock is automatically started and when it is completed, it is recorded in the system after another scan. Employees simply need to be given a printout of the code or have the code displayed on site in the form of a sticker or sign. This way, the workers do not have to deal with the project time tracking any further and can fully concentrate on performing their work.

This method is particularly popular with companies in the construction, cleaning, crafts, security and service industries.


Manual time entries, browser time clock, app time clock, Chrome extension/ add-ons or QR code scanner? The choice is yours, but ultimately you know your business and the needs of your industry and project best! But since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, find out for yourself which method suits you best. With the 14-day free trial subscription of TimeTrack you can try exactly that and get a taste of the world of project time tracking. We will also be happy to advise you personally. Whatever you decide in the end – we wish you success on your time tracking journey and hope to be able to support you!