How to Switch from TimeTrack Pro to TimeTrack Enterprise


You want to switch from the TimeTrack Pro Version to TimeTrack Enterprise? We will make sure that all your data is imported easily and securely. Follow 7 simple steps to do so and TimeTrack will take care of a fast data import!

1. Export Data from TimeTrack Pro

First of all, you will need a TimeTrack Cloud account – create it directly in the Pro or Free App. In the Web App of the Cloud Account, go to Settings > Data Export. Here you can select and deselect export fields for time entries and expenses, if you don’t need or want to change all of them. Then enter your email address to which the CSV files will be sent.

2. Check your Emails

After that, check your emails: the CSV files should already be in your inbox after a few seconds.

3. Log into your TimeTrack Enterprise Account

Next, log in to TimeTrack Enterprise. Before you start the import, we would advise you to first remove the demo data created by TimeTrack. You can easily do this under Settings, in the General Menu.

4. Create a User

Now create a user in the Enterprise version. This user will be assigned all the projects you will import.

5. Begin Data Import

Go back to Settings and import the customers first. You can choose which data you want to import, from the dropdown menu. Then upload your file with the customer data. You can select which fields from the CSV file should correspond to the fields in TimeTrack. The headers must be present in the file.

6. Check and Import

After all the fields are defined, press check and wait for a notification via e-mail. You will receive it as soon as the data import is completed.

7. Repeat

Do the same to import your projects, time entries and expenses. You will receive an email notification each time another import is completed. Now you can continue to use the data from the Pro Version on TimeTrack Enterprise without any problems.

Download Data Import Templates for Import from Other Systems

To make data import from other programs even easier for you, we have prepared a few import templates for you.

Download the file, edit the file in a simple text editor or directly in Excel. When opening in Excel, you need to import the file if the Excel does not recognize , as a separator. When importing into Excel, you will be asked if you want the separator to be ; or ,.

Then save the file in CSV file format.

Import Template – Clients

Import Template – Projects

Import Template – Tasks

Import Template – Attendances

Import Template – Time Entries/ Project Hours

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