Are There Not Enough Hours for Work?


Too many pressures competing for attention and not enough hours in a day is cited as the main reason why many of us don’t have enough time to meet deadlines, stick to healthy routines or maintain a social life.

One ability that is rarely, if ever, taught in business school is time management, yet this essential skill has the power to advance your career, help streamline your work and contribute to a healthier work-life balance.

The distinctions between work-life balance are hazier than ever since COVID-19 has caused more of us to work from home. Even though we only need a few seconds to travel from our bedroom to our home office, many people work longer hours from their homes. Multiple demands are placed on leaders, making it difficult for them to concentrate and frequently hindering their capacity to complete tasks.

Feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

Like most of us, you probably find yourself wishing there were more relevant hours in the day. When eight hours of the night are earmarked for getting a good night of rest, it’s clear that we have to hustle to make the rest of the day productive!

This is where an essential helper like TimeTrack’s Auto Scheduler becomes invaluable. With just one click, you can create duty schedulers for the team, gauge everyone’s effectiveness and measure time-keeping skills.


Seamless tracking with TimeTrack Auto Scheduler

Are 24 hours enough for work-life balance?

Work and the need to accomplish tasks quickly takes priority over all other aspects of our existence. As a result, we may be tempted to put our wellbeing last to achieve professional success. Nonetheless, if we want to improve our physical, emotional and mental health as well as our careers, finding a good balance between work and life is crucial.

A healthy work-life integration isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

In general, it can be tough to maintain a work-life balance. Start small and measure the effectiveness of these strategies. Soon, you will be on track and realize that 24 hours will be sufficient for maintaining a work-life balance. Don’t forget to aim for and celebrate quick wins – always good for team morale!



Coping when there are not enough hours at work

Try to eliminate those unpleasant long stretches of work. Of course, sometimes it’s necessary to pull out all the stops and respond to emergencies with extra time, but this should be the exception not the rule.

All-nighters quickly turn into your worst nightmare and before you realize it, you’re on the verge of burnout. It’s okay to enjoy your work and work passionately. It’s not okay to deplete your reserves to the point of a body and mental breakdown.

Create a to-do list

A to-do list is invaluable. It tells you exactly where you’ll be spending your time and opens up more options, so you know how to plan your day. If you plan out your entire day down to the last minute, you’ll find it easier to work more efficiently. Make sure your priorities are critical, urgent and necessary chores, i.e. actions or services that will greatly lessen your workload for the next days. While you’re at it, slot tasks into their categories and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Consider time-blocking

Time-blocking is a great alternative to not enough hours. You must review your daily activities, specify the precise minutes you’ll spend working on them and block off a particular time in your calendar for each activity you need to finish. It’s also a good idea to log error time which helps you pinpoint time-wasters.

Setting aside time for each activity will make it less likely that you will accept low-value or distracting tasks (such as emails and tasks that are suddenly urgent). You’ll also be able to identify your most productive times once you’ve blocked out your schedule for a while.



Don’t let time run you, find your zone!


Use positive reinforcement to trick your mind

Have you ever considered buying yourself a box of chocolates to treat yourself after a long day at work?

Giving yourself a little reward is a nice way of using positive reinforcement when you lack the will to start working. Sometimes you just need a little treat to get through the long hours. Even better, use this scenario to curtail those long hours in the night – and make it a reward for logging off at a respectable hour.

Consider a time where you have a monthly report to write and a dog to walk. Premack’s Principle states that humans are more likely to complete a difficult task if an easy task is a reward. So, you know you have a walk with the dog to look forward to, which makes it easier to work efficiently.

Eat healthy snacks

When you know you’ll have to work after hours, you might be tempted to drink endless cups of coffee to stay energized. Or binge on unhealthy sugary snacks. This is a quick spiral into unhealthy eating habits. Start your morning with a healthy breakfast so you’re focused and alert for the day ahead.

Excess caffeine can lead to anxiety, insomnia and an accelerated heart rate. Aim to eat fruit, nuts and wholegrains if you have a long day of work ahead.

Be motivated by others

Find inspiration in well-known and successful people who frequently put in long hours and use that to propel you forward when the workday seems to go on forever, and you want to give up, crawl into bed and stay under the covers forever.

“Let your joy be in your journey — not in some distant goal.”
– Tim Cook, CEO, Apple 

When Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook had a lot of ground to make up. To keep the business competitive, he began writing emails at 4:30 a.m. Research your favorite mentors and try a few of their techniques for coping when you feel overwhelmed.

Tips for managing your work within set hours

Get up earlier

We all have a 24-hour day. The number of hours in a day cannot be changed but you can get up a little earlier to make time work for you. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than normal, and then progressively increase the time. Use this extra time to exercise, practise meditation and prioritize. Your daily output will gradually increase and time management won’t ever be a problem.

Find your zone

You may have observed that you’re laser-focused and extremely productive at specific times. It usually happens when your environment and thoughts are perfectly in tune. Some refer to it as their “zone,” while others use the word “flow.”

Finding your zone can directly impact how you spend your time. Achieving an ideal state of awareness is easier when you feel and perform at your best.

Take brief breaks to rest and recharge

Quick breaks are essential for good best time management. Taking a little rest every other hour might increase your productivity.

Know when to say no

Our energy levels are limited each day and decrease over time. Know your limits and be prepared to say no to avoid doing subpar work. Recognize your advantages and disadvantages. Concentrate on your strengths and, if possible, delegate tasks that can be completed more quickly and effectively by others.

Use TimeTrack to manage time

Time management software is one of the simplest ways to keep track of every minute spent at work. Time tracking programs help you predict how long tasks will take, keep track of the time you spend working and log every minute. For instance, stay updated on who is working on which project.



Project Management Terminal – TimeTrack

No multitasking!

Multitasking reduces efficiency and may even be harmful. The American Psychological Association claims that mental juggling has “switching costs” that reduce output. You may think that changing tasks takes just a few seconds each, but if you multitask regularly, it adds up and your potential for error increases.


Take some time to consider your time management techniques. Do you successfully balance your job and personal life? Are you taking care of the responsibilities that are most important in your life? Do you devote enough time to maintaining your health?

If any of these questions have a “no” response, examine your strategies and switch to options that will be more effective for you. Great time management brings greater personal happiness, more accomplishments at work and at home, and a more fulfilling future.

Test TimeTrack for free and put your skills to the test and to put having not enough hours to an end.