TimeTrack Annual Review 2021


The new year will soon be upon us! Before we start planning our New Year’s resolutions, however, we should take a few moments to give thanks for the past year. After all, 2021 was a year full of progress and exciting experiences for TimeTrack: we moved to a new office, our team grew abundantly, we have 500 new customers from the DACH region and we implemented many new great features or updates. In this post, we’ll take a look back at this year’s accomplishments at TimeTrack, so we can start the new year all the better.

News in TimeTrack’s Team

The TimeTrack team has moved to a new and bigger office! Since April you can find us in the beautiful 4th district, close to the Naschmarkt. We have made ourselves very comfortable in our open space office over the last few months and enjoy the great restaurants in the area during our lunch break.

timetrack team

However, these are not the only news from this year. The TimeTrack team welcomed 10 new team members this year.

Fenja and Luisa, our creative Content Writers, have been with us for exactly one year now and have helped us build up our blog. Over the past year we have been able to specialize in a variety of topics, such as project management, time management and business management, and we are looking forward to continuing with this over the next year. Since fall we have three more content writers on board: Lara, Sophia and Fabian, who will contribute to our blog on a weekly basis.

Kilian, Customer Success & On-Boarding, has been with us since the beginning of the year and has not only greatly enriched our sales department, but also ensures a good mood in the office every day. Well deserved, Kilian receives the award for Best Dressed at Work.

Ahmed, Developer, started with us as an intern in the summer and has now been a permanent part of our team for a few months. His hidden talent: DJ. He makes every Christmas party a hit.

Ismail, Developer, joined our IT team in the fall. When he’s not programming, he makes the best pizza in Vienna.

Leart, Front End Developer, also joined our team in the fall. Fun Fact: he has a passion for anime and video games.

Katarina, also known as Katka in the office, has been our Digital Marketing Specialist since fall. When she’s not working on our SEO or a marketing campaign, she’s reporting the results of the latest ski races.

Last but not least, we come to our newest team member Sara, our new Digital Marketing Assistant. From now on she takes care of the blog and works very closely with the content writers. She previously worked in the fashion industry and recently discovered the attractive facets of TimeTrack, which led her to switch to the IT industry.

Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to a team member this year: Lisa, our always cheerful former Digital Marketing Assistant and Content Manager, who has now been an integral part of the TimeTrack team for over 1 year, has moved to Mexico for her studies. She was a great asset to the marketing team and we wish her all the best for her future career.

New TimeTrack Clients

We are pleased to announce that we have 500 new satisfied customers from the DACH region. TimeTrack is used in small, medium and large companies and proves itself daily in a wide range of industries: Construction industry, service sector, architecture, crafts, cleaning, agencies, etc.

Valuable Partnerships

Our Partners

TimeTrack has also signed many new partnerships this year. These include: easybill, lexoffice, sevDesk, quickbooks and DATEV. These integrations offer the advantage that our customers can easily record their working hours and import them with just a few clicks into one of our partner software to create invoices or run payrolls. This saves you and your accounting department an incredible amount of time. Together with our partners, we look forward to making your daily work easier. Find out more about our partnerships.

DATEV Export

A brief overview of our latest partnership: the DATEV export function has been integrated in many areas of TimeTrack: in the timesheet, hours report and paid leave reports. This allows our customers to export their data from TimeTrack to a DATEV file for payroll.


2021: A Year of Progress and New Features

There were many changes in the software in 2021: in the TimeTrack Enterprise Web App there were more than 30 updates! We have summarized the most important ones for you:

Record attendances even more flexibly

You are now even more flexible with the statutory recording of working hours! Since this year, attendances can also be entered manually very easily.

Plan absences easily

With just a few clicks, employees can now easily create their absences and request them for approval. As soon as the absence is approved, it is automatically added to the absence calendar. In addition, an overview of the absence requests has been implemented so that it remains visible which absences are stored as open, approved or rejected.

Overall view has been improved

Often it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Not with TimeTrack. This year, special emphasis was placed on a good overview.

  • An hours overview has been implemented to help you and your employees keep track of all hours worked.
  • In the new vacation overview, you can now see how many vacation days you and your team have already used and how many are still open.
  • Absences also remain transparent: simply check the absence report to see who was absent when and why. TimeTrack generates an absence report for each employee. You can also easily export the report as CSV.

Show and hide side menu now

Speaking of improved overview: you can now show and hide the side menu with one click to use all functions in a disturbed way.

Time tracking with QR code

As of this year, you can also start the project time clock by scanning a QR code. This allows you to measure your project times even more flexibly.

New in the Terminal App

Recently, you can also request absences and access the hours and vacation overview directly in the terminal app. This means you don’t always have to switch between the terminal app and the web app, but have an overview of everything important on one device.

Create appropriate surcharges for all employees

You can now store all surcharge rules for your company: overtime, night, sunday and holiday bonuses. These can be automatically calculated and assigned to employees for payroll preparation. Simply specify how much the surcharge should be for each additional hour worked and TimeTrack will calculate the rest for you. You also get access to a surcharge reports, which lists the bonuses of all employees in detail, so that you and the accounting department have the perfect overview.

Surcharges Model

TimeTrack – Surcharge Models

Set precise working hours

Employees often have different working time models. Now you can set exact working hours for employees.

Lock function

With the new blocking function, you can prevent employees from adding and editing entries retrospectively. With this, we want to create more transparency and trust in your company.

With the timesheet lock, you prevent the editing of working times after the timesheet has been released. This way you ensure that all timesheets are completed on time and, most importantly, accurately. General lock determines how many days after the fact employees can add or modify a time entry. The admin can edit the times at any time.

Create templates for user rights

It is time-consuming to enter user rights for all employees individually. For this reason, you can now create templates for user rights, which you only need to assign to more employees. This saves you time in setting the user profile, and you can devote yourself to the important things.

We are constantly updating the permissions so that you can flexibly set all the functions we offer and give them to those users who need them in their daily work.

Intelligent Planning – this will be our future

TimeTrack wants to evolve and therefore in 2021 we have not only focused on the ongoing improvement of the existing features, but also strongly addressed the topic of planning. We have implemented many new modules so that our customers have even more flexibility in the software. What does that mean for you?

Shift Planning - Simple and Clear Planning

TimeTrack – Duty Roster

The new duty roster

Our new shift plan has been out for a few months now. Easily set up the locations of your company, the different work areas and the skills of your employees and create an accurate roster for all employees. We make scheduling easy by allowing you to also store the exact availabilities of all employees so that it is clear who is best available for which shifts while creating the duty roster. During the planning, warnings about availabilities can also appear, exchange requests between employees can be made, or there are also many other options for the shift planner and the assigned employees, which makes the planning clearer and more flexible.

The new appointment scheduler

You can now create appointments for all employees and overview them in a calendar. New user rights have also been added so you can decide who can schedule appointments.

Outlook for the Year 2022

We are already working at full speed to provide you with intelligent and automatic planning. In the new year, you will be able to create your rosters and appointment schedules automatically and plan resources! But that’s not all: we are planning many more updates for you. We are constantly communicating news in our roadmap and directly in our web app.

Besides many new updates, we are especially looking forward to introducing TimeTrack Pro for Android, our freelancer version, to you next quarter.

We are moving into the new year full of verve and motivation. Thank you for your support so far. Here’s to a successful 2022!

Your TimeTrack Team