Increase your Productivity with the Done List


We are all familiar with the to-do list. Almost every project, chore or task starts on that list, and one of the greatest pleasures is in ticking off item after item. But wait, there’s more… the done list is the antithesis of the to-do list. And it is just as satisfying.

The “done” list comprises everything you have already accomplished.

Making a done list is useful if you want to encourage yourself (or your team) to check off tasks in a bullet journal. Writing down your accomplishments and minor victories makes you happy and helps you develop a pattern.

Time tracking makes it easier to track tasks, boosting motivation for reaching objectives through its flexible task planning.

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen recommends writing your accomplishments on “index cards”.


Memory boost with the “done” list

We’ve all experienced a creative block at some point in our life. Getting dragged into a never-ending rabbit hole is no fun when you have work-based deadlines to meet.

A calendar of work items can be helpful at times, but it’s not always the reprieve we need when faced with a complete lack of progress.

Celebrate achievements with the done list

Weeks can pass while you are caught up in an endless work cycle and pending tasks add to the anxiety and stress. Now imagine how great you’d feel to be able to look at a list of achievements instead of “must do this now!” items.

The effects of a higher success rate at work are significant, and the possibilities is limitless. Going through a catalogue of all the completed tasks makes it simpler to maintain constant focus while keeping track of all the things being achieved, even during challenging circumstances.

Get creative with your done list

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are colorful and playful and who won’t get a kick out of seeing a rainbow of accomplished tasks?

Go digital 

Multiple applications are programmed to make users aware of time management and the importance of task listing. With TimeTrack, drafting the anti-to-do lists has never been easier.


You could have a special notebook that’s solely dedicated to your daily done list.

Blog post

Flex your writing skills and get creative with a personal blog that includes elements of your done list.

Calendar marking

Use a manual or digital calendar to organize your time and workload.

Why do you need the done list?

You need a done list so you can ensure that all your tasks are recorded in one location. It’s great for ensuring you remember crucial tasks and items and is a handy tracker of your progress thus far.

Further, taking notes of your small wins can help foster more efficient to-do lists to give you a head start on future projects.


Manage your time with TimeTrack software

Memory boost

If you are prone to forgetfulness, keeping a list of all your pending work is a great strategy. Jotting down incomplete or new objectives in our done and to-do lists helps us to reflect on our past and future. And, as the saying goes: learn from your past mistakes to shape a better future.

Keep a tab on progress

Writing down all our done duties may seem contradictory to time management, but it’s a clever way to monitor your daily progress. To compile your done list, start with what you have achieved. The scale and importance of the task does not matter – it’s about motivation!


The done list is so easy to implement. And its simplicity is addictive. Let’s take an example of an exam where you have 10 questions. Initially, you may be anxious, but think about how you feel as you start ticking off the correct boxes. You may become more confident, your stress level may decrease, and you’re filled with motivation to complete the exam. A winning feeling!

Elements of the anti-to-do list

You can add your small (yet important) accomplishments to your done list. For example, when you complete your day-to-day or week-to-week tasks at the office, record it on your done list.

Life is so fast-forwarded and hectic these days, and we all need a simple solution for complex problems, so the done list is one of those methods which makes our lives easier.

Tick the “done” parts and give reasons for undone

Keep your done workbook updated regularly by checking which chores were completed timeously. Tick off those chores that have been concluded and highlight the incomplete tasks. It could be helpful to note your reasons why work was not completed. This is a good strategy for your future projects and gives you a cheat code to your potential stumbling blocks.

Reward and revise

You have accomplished progress and success in certain projects on your to-do list, and now they are on your done list. Should you reward yourself and celebrate your progress with your friends and family? The answer to this is yes!

To increase your productivity, revise your done list to manage your accomplishment and keep working on new ideas to accomplish 100% satisfaction in your life. No matter what, focus on revising your list for better results.

For tracking your growth, keep your done list timely checked and organized; every small or big achievement deserves to be celebrated.

Stay productive

We know that to-do lists are essential for almost any work project. What we now also know is that the done list is a secret motivational tool to further improve our time management skills.

Writing down our accomplishments increases our feelings of gratitude, contentment and appreciation. Unlike the normal task lineup, the done list can increase productivity simply from the overview of past accomplishments it offers us.

Implementing done lists shows your perspective and productivity, growth, potential pitfalls and ultimately, your accomplishments. It is amazing motivation for future projects to see how far you’ve come on previous work.

Timetrack not only helps you in keeping track of important chores but guides you on how to schedule and organize your task lists.

See how you can incorporate this excellent time management technique into your arsenal of workplace tools with TimeTrack. Our software makes it simple and practical to boost your time management skills.