The Value of a Time Management Mind Map


Mind mapping is a fascinating subject and actually dates back to third century. Now, the idea has evolved into many iterations, including time management mind maps.

Back then, Porphyry of Tyros employed comparable techniques to conceptualize the ideas of Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso.

In modern times, mind mapping is typically associated with the well-known psychologist, Tony Buzan who contributed significantly to the popularization and systematization of time management mind maps.

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a simple and natural approach to brainstorm ideas without worrying about organization and order. It enables you to visually organize your thoughts to help with analysis and memory.

A mind map is a non-linear graphic representation of tasks, words and concepts linked to and grouped around a primary subject.

With a mind map, you can transform a big list of otherwise uninteresting facts into a vivid and structured diagram that corresponds to the way your brain naturally processes information.

What is a mind map ideal for?

Use your mind map to improve your productivity. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Conceptualizing processes and generating ideas
  • Effectively communicating and presenting ideas
  • More efficient meetings and improved productivity
  • Reports and document summaries
  • Streamlining projects with effectiveness and creating task priorities

Making a time management mind map

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to create a mind map.

  1. Write or draw the concept you want to explore in the middle of a blank page. Use a landscape format for more room.
  2. Develop the linked subtopics around this main theme, drawing a line from each one to the centre.
  3. Connect each of them to its relevant subtopic as you see fit.

Stimulate your creativity with a mind map

Additional tips:

  • Make liberal use of symbols, illustrations and colors. Your brain will appreciate the creativity.
  • Keep the topic labels as brief as you can, limiting them to one word or, better yet, just a single image. It’s great if you want to write a complete phrase, especially when creating your first mind map. However,  aim for ways to condense it into a single word or figure. This is the genius of a mind map.

Mind mapping for better time management

Many of us have the habit of wasting valuable time on pointless pursuits, leading to missed deadlines and stressful work practices. Everyone needs to develop good time management skills and it’s possible with TimeTrack.


Time management with TimeTrack

Project time management

Project management includes time management. In this, a project completion timeline is analyzed and created. It consists of six components: activity definition, sequencing, estimation of resources, estimation of duration, schedule development, and schedule control.

Effective time management

Poor management can create constant stress in your daily duties. A time management mind map can go a long way in efficiently managing your time. The branches illustrate how several topics are related to one another. A to-do list and priority setting are essential components of effective time management.

Examples of a time management mind map

Below are few examples of a time management mind map:

Designing a business strategy

Like hot cocoa and marshmallows, business planning and mind maps mix well together. This is because business planning might involve intimidating amounts of data which a straightforward mind map can handle and simplify.

To start your new project and run your procedures like an expert, use a strategic mind map and when you’ve finished picturing it all, reward yourself with that hot cocoa and marshmallows!

Product/software development

Use a mind map rather than a flow chart for your software project. A mind map is handy for scheduling software development phases or features and architecture. You can even dive into development specifics and make mind maps for each stage.


Want to make a budget for a new car, a trip or retirement? Create a mind map to list all your costs and investments. If you own a business that specializes in financial planning, make a mind map to highlight client strategies. Banish those spreadsheets and paper files for good!

Marketing campaigns

Any firm must have a marketing project action plan because it can make or break your success. You must advertise your products if you want people to recognize your brand. Plan and arrange all marketing efforts and strategies using a mind map.

Create a time management mind map

It’s simple to create your own time management mind map via TimeTrack. Making the necessary mind map is easy once you are familiar with how TimeTrack time management tools operate.




Project time management software helps you keep track of how much time is spent on each task. This way, you can implement mind mapping accordingly. The seamless execution of any organization’s daily operations depends on effective time management mind mapping.

Additionally, time tracking guarantees that work is completed effectively and on schedule.

Apply mind mapping

By chunking things into manageable parts, time management mind mapping is an effective way to organize thoughts and evaluate various concepts. You can apply mind maps with other design thinking techniques. Use mind mapping in a variety of fields, including business and education.

Brainstorming with a whiteboard and pen is still an effective practice. However, mind mapping software and tools offer more features and capabilities, which include the ability to save mind maps in various formats. You can then integrate them with other programs like MS Office and MS Project.

TimeTrack is your handy office assistant. Use it to plan schedules, implement time management strategies and much more. It’s easy to use and ideal to speed up and simplify work processes.