Build Mental Toughness with an Intentional Mindset


Being purposeful or intentional means giving your commitment, attention and focus. You must be clear about what you want to accomplish and then take action to make it happen if you want to be intentional every day. An intentional mindset starts with calculated forethought.

Improve your ability to be purposeful to empower a positive impact on your life. Being deliberate about what is essential to you and acting on those things will be the guiding qualities that take your life forward and achieve your goals.

An intentional mindset helps you become more present. It pushes you to accomplish more and better goals in your company and personal life. An intentional mindset gives your day a distinct direction and order.




Intentional mindset tips

What does the word “intention” mean?

It implies that you are purposeful about acting on the ideas and emotions that are most significant to you and that you have a clear purpose.

When you choose to create a life with a clear purpose, that is important and exciting to you, you choose to have an intentional focus.

By deciding to act on important things, you can learn to be more intentional. Living with intention entails making deliberate decisions to live your desired life rather than letting other people control your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

If you’re an intentional worker, everything you do has a specific goal. Start by auditing your time. Being intentional means paying attention to where and how you spend your time and energy. A time audit reveals your important and not-so-important things and you can improve further by tracking your time with timesheets.

TimeTrack Timesheets give an overview of your time and the rest of the team. It allows you to track legal working hours correctly and maintain a perfect overview of your attendances.



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  • When you are intentional, you don’t allow fear to hold you back; instead, you concentrate your time and efforts on your assets and the positive aspects of your life.
  • Intentional people are action-oriented, unwavering in their resolve and committed to achieving their goals. Therefore, it’s crucial to be self-aware, to say no to taking on too much and to express thankfulness if you want to become more intentional.
  • With intention, you can cultivate gratitude for the most important things in your life and increase your appreciation for them.
  • You are deliberate when you build stronger boundaries around your time and the key areas of your life. When you are intentional, you pay attention.

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Intentional mindset & mental toughness

A consistent, devoted method of thinking with the overarching objective of improving your life is a unique blueprint for developing mental toughness. Your goals may be indirectly attained with a purposeful attitude, and the awareness it fosters will help you keep up this way of life.

You’re not the only one who feels drained after the last year. It’s okay if 2021 wasn’t the season you had hoped it would be. Focus on everything you managed to achieve despite the world’s circumstances as you consider creating an intentional mentality.

Even if you only manage to make it through this year, consider how far you have come. After that, use those quick wins as a springboard to develop intentions for how you want the new year to unfold.

Creating an intentional mindset for work

Take your time to plan your day

Your day will be clearly organized if you are intentional with your time. Determine the three crucial actions that are necessary in accomplishing your desired result. You’ll be proud of what you’ve accomplished, which will increase your confidence and self-esteem. A goal-setting and time-management tool like TimeTrack can clarify your vision and help you act with intention.

Clearly define the outcome you desire

You act deliberately when you have an emotional interest in your larger objective. However, you can strengthen that intentionality by becoming more aware of the quantifiable outcomes you hope to achieve. Your motivation and attention are focused on taking action when your vision and measurable goals are aligned.

Be mindful and give it your full focus

Your ability to focus on the people and things that matter most is increased by intention. An intentional focus helps you become clearer about what you want and removes the uncertainty surrounding where to put your time and attention.

Intentional mindset tips

Learntolead founder Dave Anderson hosts the well-liked podcast The Game Changer Life and is the author of 15 books. His book and podcasts on the topic of intentional mindset are great for those seeking more intentionality.

Here are a few of the book’s lessons for developing an intentional mentality.

Every moment is filled with learning opportunities, and being able to take advantage of these opportunities requires that you remain open to exploring fresh perspectives and learning new things.

Zen and mindfulness are two fantastic techniques that help you center yourself. Be present at the moment for better mental toughness.

The goal of developing an intentional learning mindset is to cultivate a disposition that can take advantage of every opportunity to learn and perceives every situation as a teaching moment.

There’s always room for growth

By cultivating intention, you may direct all of your attention toward the learning process and better mental toughness. This is a crucial first step, but it needs to be paired with a similarly committed, results-oriented mentality. A growth mindset is useful in this situation.

When you have a growth mindset, you constantly look for methods to improve your abilities and skillset while learning. Instead of concentrating on what you haven’t learned or the challenges associated with learning new information, you focus on the experience and the practice you have received.

If you have a growth mindset, you will constantly view your learning process in terms of progress.



Committed practice follows committed learning

Learning with intention should result in practice with intention, which should result in working with intention. Translating knowledge into practical work experience can be challenging, and this is frequently where many students suffer.

  • While a teacher can assist you in learning material, it is your responsibility to apply it.
  • You must develop your critical thinking abilities to put your information into practice.
  • Determine how to apply your newly acquired knowledge to improve your performance and the functionality of the workplace by critically analysing your current work scenario.

Moreover, using any professional time management app, for example TimeTrack is the best approach to achieve your goals.

Remember: feedback is important

Even after something is put into practice, learning continues. A holistic approach to learning, known as an intentional learning mindset, is always used. However, there are instances when learning comes from outside sources, and if you’re using a new skill at work, your colleagues and bosses will notice. The chance is that you will be able to refine how you apply your new skillset.

Reach out to individuals around you for feedback as you continue to learn so that you can apply for your newfound information and advance.

Building your self-belief and confidence is essential in creating an environment where asking for and accepting criticism doesn’t feel overwhelming.


You feel more lucid, capable and confident when you concentrate on being deliberate every day. Be clear about what you want to do in detail, comprehend its significance and focus daily on achieving the things that matter. These qualities can help you surpass people who have a mental make-up that predestines success.


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