Time Clock Manager for Companies: Avoid Legal Trouble and Increase Productivity


Managing employee time and labor costs is essential for all managers. Whether you have remote employees or local staff, it’s important that you know when they are coming to work and going home every day. A time clock manager can help you track your employees’ hours so that they don’t go over their allotted lunch time or breaks.

If you have remote workers, managing their schedules may seem impossible at first glance. However, by using the right software, you can monitor your team’s schedule even if they aren’t working in the same office as you. Read on to learn more about how a time clock manager can help you manage your employees’ schedules and keep track of their breaks easily!

What Is a Time Clock Manager?

Time clocks are pieces of software that help you manage your employees’ schedules, create schedules, and track the time spent by your employees – whether they’re based remotely or on-site.

Some time clock managers also allow you to track attendance and monitor breaks.

There are different types of time clock software, including cloud-based, desktop, and terminal. The type you choose will depend on your professional needs and what’s going to work best for you.

Timesheets are also a great way to keep a tab on all the workers.

You can use the timesheets feature by TimeTrack to track your employees’ time and their tasks in the office. It includes all the features of a paper timesheet along with absenteeism correction and data saving. This will help to accomplish all jobs in a set time.



TimeTrack: Timesheet and a terminal clock



Why Do You Need a Time Clock Manager?

Adherence to Organizational Rules

As an employer, it is important to set standards and make sure that your employees follow them. A time clock manager can help you set organizational rules such as break times and work hours.

You can make sure that your employees are following these rules by tracking their work hours with a time clock manager. Keep in mind that it is important to make these rules known to employees ahead of time and be transparent about such monitoring. This will help your employees understand why these rules are in place and motivate them to follow them.

Safety From Legal Trouble

Keeping accurate records of your employees’ hours can help you stay out of legal trouble. This is especially true if you have employees who work long hours, as you may have to pay overtime.

By keeping track of your employees’ hours, you can make sure that you are not obliging with legal requirements. Keeping apt data on your employees’ hours can help you stay out of legal trouble.

Measurable Returns

Measuring the time spent on tasks will help you know how much time you or your workers need for certain tasks. You can control the time your employees spend on each project and make sure that they aren’t taking too much time on certain things.

You may notice that certain tasks take longer than expected and may need to be reassessed or re-prioritized. Measuring your and your team’s performance and potential is always beneficial, as it gives you valuable insight into how each employee spends their work day.

Accuracy of Paychecks

Time tracking will help you calculate accurate paychecks. If you are using a time clock manager, you can use the information from their entries to calculate your employees’ paychecks.

You may choose to add in any extra benefits, taxes, or other factors before finalizing the calculations. This will help you ensure that your employees are being rightly compensated for their work. You can use the time tracking data to make sure that you are paying your employees correctly.


Avoid legal trouble with a time clock manager

Eliminating “Buddy Punching”

You can use a time clock manager to make sure that your employees are registering correctly. You can also use it to make sure that no one is “buddy punching.” This is when one employee clocks in another employee who is not at work yet. Sometimes, clock managers have a feature that requires an employee to enter a pin before they are allowed to clock in. This will help you avoid buddy punching.

The Benefit of Automation

Time management systems are designed to be automated, which can help you save time and effort. Instead of logging each employee’s hours by hand, you can set up your time clock manager to do it for you.

You can set it up to record the hours automatically so that it’s easier to keep track of when your employees are clocking in and out. It will also help you keep track of other important events as well.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Using a Time Clock Manager

Merits of a Time Clock Manager


Merits of a time clock manager

Removal of Human Error

One of the biggest benefits of time management software is the removal of human error. Time clock managers require employees to log their hours. Regular time tracking through software double-checks employee work, corrects mistakes, and accurately logs their time, thus reducing errors.

For example, if the employee fails to log or logs at the wrong time, their attendance might be missed which can lead to pay cuts. A good time clock manager avoids such problems by eliminating the source of error. No one needs to cross-check each and every entry, making the process even faster.

Enhanced Data Management

Employee scheduling, payroll, and attendance are all a part of the data that time management software tracks. This data or information is then sent to your system or server and is available to view anywhere at any time.

This also makes it easier to identify scheduling errors, such as double bookings. It is also easier to keep a track of all the projects and work.

Implementation Boundaries

Time management software is bound to help your business improve its operations and save time, effort, and money. This software is available in on-premises, cloud, and hosted configurations to give you more options for implementation.

One of the most essential and foremost aspects to consider when selecting time management software is its implementation boundaries. This will determine whether the software will be hosted on your company’s computers or if you will need to purchase server space from a hosting company.

Delays And Misconduct Tackled

As a manager, you can see how much time each employee spends on each task. You can also view what they are working on during the workday. This can help you identify any issues or delays in their work.

You can also set up alerts to sound when employees are taking too much time on a task or fail to complete their assignments on time. This can help you identify and address issues before they get out of hand.

Effortless Operations

Time management software should help your employees stay on top of their work and make it easier for them to complete assignments. With time-tracking software, employees can view their hours and task assignments from one screen. They can do this during work hours, so it doesn’t take away from their work.

Coordinated Work Hours

Different departments or employees may be working on similar projects or tasks. This can lead to unplanned overtime hours or double bookings. Time management software helps prevent these issues by coordinating the hours employees spend on similar tasks. This will automatically adjust the hours they logged so they don’t log the same hours twice.

Drawbacks of a Time Clock Manager


Drawbacks of a time clock manager

Poor Perception From Employees

Sometimes, clock programs have a reputation for being difficult to use. This can cause frustration for employees and may lead to a poor perception of the program. A poor perception will create discomfort and may even become a cause for a strike.

Technical Failures

It is not uncommon for businesses to experience network or computer failures. This could happen at any moment, and it could be difficult to determine what caused the problem. If your time-tracking software relies on computers, it is prone to technical and software failures.

Indirect Impact on Employee Performance

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, time monitoring applications have an immense impact on the performances of employees. Some employees would find it hectic to adhere to such tracking and this would indirectly affect their willingness and performance.

Final Thoughts

A time clock manager is a useful tool that will help you maximize team productivity by making sure every employee is occupied with a task. It will also allow you to re-prioritize tasks if your team is too consumed with unimportant projects and help you stay out of legal trouble by calculating overtime hours. However, this method also has some drawbacks to consider – so make sure your software is up-to-date and the chosen time clock manager is simple and effective before changing your team’s operations.

You can use Timetrack to keep track of the time you spend. So, instead of finding the right folders or writing everything in pocket diaries, the TimeTrack app can help you adhere to the most important principles of time management in your daily plan and help you remain productive.

It includes a timer, calendar, and dashboard that shows you how much time you require for your tasks. Time Clock from TimeTrack is an excellent app for those who want to know how much time they require for their tasks and projects. It is a great time management tool that offers customization according to your needs