Achieve More With Real Time Management


Time management is probably the most overused buzzword in the working world. We all know how important it is to manage our time. However, not many of us follow this principle regularly. In fact, a recent survey reveals that productivity is the top concern for professionals worldwide.

To make things simpler for you, we have compiled some useful tips on real time management so that you can stay organized, inculcate workforce management, and get more things done every day. If you’re reading this article, it means you care about the way you spend time—so read on and take these suggestions to heart.


Know what takes place in your company

What Is Real Time Management?

Real time management is a concept related to business leaders being more involved in operations and implementing changes as and when required. This means that managers or directors can become more aware of the challenges faced by the employees in their departments and will address them accordingly.

As businesses are moving towards automation and digitization, real time management comes in handy to help identify operational and service delivery issues as they happen and allow to fix them instantly using critical task analysis.

With a properly implemented system, issues can be resolved at the service level as soon as they come up, and customers will not experience any disruptions. In itself, it is more of a philosophy than a process. It is all about being aware of what is happening around you at every given point in time.

You may monitor the time spent and the work completed by your employees in the office with TimeTrack’s timesheets tool. Although there are numerous stigmas around their use, timesheets can be a great tool if utilized correctly.

Along with absence rectification and data storage, it has all the same functions as a paper timesheet. This will make it easier to do all the work by the deadline.

You’re less likely to devote yourself to unnecessary chores because your agenda is on the calendar, which will lead to more free time and reduced stress.


Who Is Real Time Management For?

All businesses can benefit from implementing real time management. It can be beneficial for any business that has a team working in a variety of entities, including banks, airlines, and insurance companies.

Companies function a lot better if managers are aware of the issues their employees face. It allows supervisors to see what is happening in their departments and intervene immediately. This ensures that customers receive prompt and consistent service.

The system is usually used in departments that receive a lot of calls or have a high number of transactions to reduce the average handling time. For example, a call center that serves bank customers may use real time management to monitor quality and service levels and to check if the plan matches forecasted workload requirements.


Keep track of time

What Is Real Time Management In a Call Center?

Real time management in a call center means that managers are aware of what is happening in the call center on the spot. A manager could be monitoring a call that is happening in real time, or they could be looking at the call statistics after each call.

It is operated by people in charge of handling arising issues. This means that the manager can see who is in the call center, what calls they are handling, and the statistics related to the calls. They are there to monitor the performance of your team and quickly respond shall challenges arise, especially if an employee cannot handle them. They save time for customers by providing them with the service in question and increase your company’s productivity by highlighting performance issues and room for improvement.

How Is Real Time Management Beneficial For Businesses?

  • Real time management helps team leads make smart decisions that can benefit the company. This is because managers get a better idea of what is happening in their departments and can address issues as soon as they arise. Managers often face the challenge of making decisions without enough information.
  • Employers may not have the full picture of what is happening in their departments, failing to ensure measure compliance in time. This can lead to problems that could have been avoided. Real time management gives managers access to detailed information. This helps them make more informed decisions, which can be beneficial for the company.
  • Only 18% of people have an effective time utilization system in place and 82% of individuals lack a time management strategy. Simply put, they rely on a list, their computer inbox, or do nothing at all. So a time management plan is exactly what people need to become more productive.


Organizations that practice real time management can function more efficiently. This is because managers are aware of what is happening in the departments, so they can quickly take action and make changes accordingly.

This can help avoid the waste of resources and ensure that employees are completing tasks effectively by capacity planning. This means that managers can take action before a problem gets out of hand and affects departments or employees negatively.

Cost Control By Proper Utilization Of Resources

Real time management acts as an additional quality control measure. For example, if a department is understaffed, a manager can see this information and hire another employee.

This can help minimize costs and avoid situations where customers receive poor service. It can also help prevent staff from being overworked and stressed out.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Real Time Management

Real time management can be beneficial for businesses because it allows managers to intervene quickly and mitigate problems.

It can also be beneficial for employees who are working to meet tight deadlines. This is because employees know that their managers are watching how they work and can step in to help them out whenever necessary.

However, real time management has one disadvantage: it can be intrusive. This can be harmful for employees because they may not have received enough training. It can also be too intrusive for customers. If a manager has access to a customer and interrupts the conversation, it can leave them with an overall negative experience.

Tips to Incorporate Real Time Management


Actionable tips

Real time management can be beneficial for your business, but it needs to be implemented carefully. If your managers are too intrusive, they could end up hurting their employees and customers.

Here are a few tips to implement real time management successfully in your business.

Real Time Management Should Be a Two-Way Process

Managers should be able to see what is happening, but employees should also have access to the same information. This can help avoid situations where managers interrupt without an adequate reason, leaving workers confused and angry.

Managers Should Have Access To Real Time Dashboards

A real time dashboard is a tool that allows managers to see real time information. This can help managers be aware of what is happening and take the necessary action.

Managers Should Be Appropriately Trained

Managers should be trained to implement the system, and they should know what do to and how to implement time management techniques for their teams.


Real time management is all about keeping a close eye on what is happening in the business. This can be beneficial for all companies but is especially important in call centers where good customer service is key.

Real time management helps managers stay on top of things and make decisions based on accurate information. This can help avoid situations where customers are not served as they should be or where employees are placed in a situation that is too challenging.

Try the TimeTrack service as well. Timetrack is a tool that aids with time management. The TimeClock app may assist you in adhering to the most crucial time management rules in your daily schedule.

You can see how much time you should allot for your chores on the clock, planner, and monitor included. For individuals who wish to estimate how much time they need for projects, Time Clock from TimeTrack is a deal breaker. It is a fantastic time management application that allows for flexibility based on your needs.


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